Project 5- Fashion Campaigns(Value vs Celebrity ) 

When doing research on some of the best Fashion Campaigns I discovered that their success lay in either the celebrity endorsement or the value/ethos advertised.

As seen on the websites below:

Celebrity endorsed campaigns such as Chanel no5 with Nicole Kidman or Kate Moss for Calvin Klein draw a huge market because their fans are drawn to the brand. So that usually bring success for fashion campaigns.

Campaigns like United Colors of Benetton that sometimes completely remove the fashion aspect from their storytelling to simply focus on social matters.

‘The brand’s strategy has been criticised for its shock value, but at the same time it has been praised and awarded for bringing attention to important social, environmental and political issues.’ – Meyer-Delius (2017)fashion-adverts

Eight: 18 especially and unknown/ new brand I believe will finds its marketing strength in promoting value. Shedding light on hot topics such as feminism and the strength of a woman. It could be a great USP to start on.


  • Meyer-Delius, H., (2017). 10 fashion advertising campaigns that made jaws drop [online]. Available at:



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