Project 5- Team work- Fashion Communication

I spoke to my client about co-driecting and my concerns, however they were unwarranted. She mentioned that although she’s currently working in Fashion Product Design, she seeks trajectory in Fashion Communications and Branding/Promotions.

Fashion communications as defined by Nottingham Trent University, one of the top five best fashion schools in the UK :

…focuses on the visual communication of brand, product and service in the global fashion industry; how the message and image of the fashion brand or product is best communicated to the consumer.

This meant that she had to lead the creative direction, sharing the story and concept of her design and I would bring those ideas to life. I would find locations for shooting, create the film script and concept and edit in in accordance with her direction. We would be working as a team, bringing each other’s expertise to the table to create the best final product.






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