Project 5- Initial Mood Board

When the first email was sent about my client looking for a photographer and filmmaker, she sent a mood board across for the ideas she wanted for her lookbook and her film:

ConceptBoard2-1Image board-1

A few things stood out:

  • Photography Reflective Elements
  • A grainy “home-movie”/Kodak effect
  • Glitchy effect
  • Tupac’s poem – “The Rose That Grew From The Concrete”

These are some of the requests she made on the mood-board. Although I had an idea of what she wanted, I was still quite unsure. A grainy “home movie” effect and Kodak effect are two very different things and coupled with glitchy, I was left quite confused.

To gain a bit more clarity, I sent her a few edits I had done in the past to see if she wanted something along those lines:


Her response was that these pictures were along the lines of what she wanted. However my attempt to clarify things made things worse as now there was a collection of edits she wanted with no actual specifics.

This also raised the question about my creative capacity with regards to the project. Would I have full creative scope to create and deliver from beginning to end, what I see best or would I be joining in a creative idea to see it delivered?

I decided to have a meeting with her to clarify things.



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