Project 5- Co-directing?

The ideal scenario would have been: the client needs photos for a look book and a film. She hands over the creative direction and authority to me. She gives me an idea of what she wants and I deliver. However things went a bit differently.

Something that came up in the beginning stages of this project was whether I was going to have full creative direction with regards to ideas, technicalities, edits etc or whether I would be co-directing with my client; as she also had ideas about how final results should turn out.  I was worried about the idea of this as I could only foresee conflict and compromise. I usually prefer to work on my own when it comes to idea development. This is because I usually see the end at the beginning and don’t want compromise.

I did some research about co-directing. Although not a very popular subject, I found these two articles that gave me insight about how best to go about things:

Common themes that emerged from both articles were:

  • Having trust between each other
  • Leaving ego at the door
  • Flexibility without compromise

Needless to say, I slightly warmed up to the idea of co-direction, should those tips be implemented.


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